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FINNISH LAPPHUND (Suomenlapinkoira)


The Finnish Lapphund is one of the three Lapphund breeds descending from the old arctic spitz breeds of the Scandinavian area. Being an integral part of the Sami
culture the breed gradually evolved from a hunting and guarding dog into a reindeer herding spitz which it still is today.

The first Finnish breed standard was accepted in 1945, even though World War II and the following distemper epidemics had threatened the whole Lapponian dog
population. The breed was first called "Lapponian Shepherd", but in the 1960ís the breed was divided into two and the rough coated stock was given a new breed
standard. The standard was revised in 1975 and again in 1993. Since 1993 the official name of the breed has also been Finnish Lapphund. The breed register is still
open, allowing unregistered dogs be admitted to the breed if they meet the required breed standard.

The popularity of Finnish Lapphund has kept increasing throughout the 1990ís and the first years of 21st century. In 2004 the breed was among the five most popular
breeds in Finland, and it is steadily gaining ground both at home and abroad.


The Finnish Lapphund is intelligent, independent, humble and co-operative. Even though a quick learner, the Finnish Lapphund usually thinks for a while before going
into action. Generally Finnish Lapphunds are easy to train and therefore they are seen competing in official Finnish obedience, working dog and agility trials.

In Finland the breed is also very popular as a family pet, but needs a moderate amount of exercise and mental stimulation. As an active and weatherproof herding spitz
that enjoys human contact, a Finnish Lapphund makes a wonderful companion for an outdoor enthusiast.

General Appearance: - STRONG

For decades the general appearance of Finnish Lapphund has remained the same. The breed is medium built, has a long and coarse coat with dense undercoat and
especially the males have an abundant mane. Ears are pricked or tipped.

All coat colors are permitted as long as the primary color is dominant. The dog differs from the bitch both in appearance and character, the bitch being smaller and
somewhat more submissive. The ideal height for males is 19 inches (49 cm) and for females 17 inches (44 cm) with a tolerance of 1 inch (+/- 3 cm) the right type being
considered to be more important than the size.

Health & Maintenance

The Finnish Lapphund is generally a healthy breed reported long levity being from 12 to 15 years. The breed belongs to the program against inheritable diseases (PEVISA)
of the Finnish Kennel Club and therefore breeders are strongly encouraged to examine breeding stock for Hip Dysplasia and eye diseases. The thick coat of the
Finnish Lapphund stays in good condition by regular brushing and a wash once a year. The Finnish Lapphund usually sheds twice a year, when changing from the summer coat
to a thicker winter coat and vice versa.

Information supplied by The Lapphund Club Of Finland


SWEDISH LAPPHUND (Ruotsinlapinkoira)


As well as the two other Lapphund breeds - The Finnish Lapphund and Lapponian herder - the Swedish Lapphund also descends from the ancient arctic Scandinavian
spitz breeds.

During the first half of the 20th century the breed was thought to have become extinct, but thanks to the severe efforts of collecting native dog stock, the breed was saved.
The first Swedish Lapphund breed standard was already accepted in 1944 and ever since it has been revised several times.


The Swedish Lapphund is lively, humble, co-operative, but also alert. The breed has a somewhat strong sense of territory, but is friendly towards strangers.

While considered to be mainly a family pet, the Swedish Lapphund also requires a moderate amount of exercise and mental stimulation. The breed is suitable for most dog
sports, but training might require imagination, since the breed is also said to be rather stubborn.

The Swedish Lapphund is weatherproof and loves human contact. Therefore it makes a superb companion for an outdoor enthusiast.


The Swedish Lapphund is a medium built dog. The ideal height for males is about 19 inches (48 cm) and for females approximately 17 inches (43 cm) with a tolerance of
1 inch (+/- 3 cm).
The only permitted colors are black and dark brown. The coat is coarse and thick with a dense undercoat. Both males and females should have a distinctive mane.
Ears are pricked and lively.

Health and Maintenance

Generally the Swedish Lapphund is a healthy breed. Some of the breeding stock has been found to exhibit epilepsy, Hip Dysplasia and PRA, and therefore breeders are
encouraged to examine the dogs regularly.

Even though the coat of the Swedish Lapphund is impressive, it is surprisingly low maintenance. It repels snow and water, but needs regular brushing as well as a wash once
a year.

Information supplied by the Lapphund Club Of Finland

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